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Why Use Quantative Research ?

We provide both cost-effective and comprehensive statistical data to meet our client’s goals and expectation by using a wide range of quantitative methods in close collaboration with our analytical team.

Our data collection methods for quantitative analysis include direct mail, telephone & online interviewing /survey and in-person interviews.

Telephone Interviewing

We have a team of trained interviewers with extensive experience in data collection who follow the script for a research study religiously to ensure consistency in data collection.

Online surveys

Online surveys are typically one of the most popular and cost- effective data- collection method used by the organisations to gain insights and feedback about an upcoming products or services, change in market strategies, by reaching the target sample/audience spread across a large geographical area in a short amount/span of time.

Direct Mail

We have successfully completed countless direct mail surveys over the years and reach a wider demographic in short time with ease. Data received are submitted to our clients in form of reports that makes it more self-explanatory and value add to our clients.

In Person Quant Interviews

There can be no denying that In person quant interviews always help in getting high quality concise data. Over the years we have done In-person quant interviews with a wide range of population which includes health care practitioner, patients, IT managers, Educationist.