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Our Online Panel and communities can deliver faster insights and give client’s an opportunity to gain better understanding into the attitudes, behaviour and decision-making processes of their customers.

Over the years our core strengths are on varied online panels of Consumer, Healthcare and B2B panels across Asia, Africa and Europe.

Panels We Have

Healthcare Panel – Our healthcare Panel includes physicians, KOLs, nurses, physicians’ assistant, pharmacists, Purchase Manager working not only in big corporate hospitals but also the one working in small nursing homes.

General Population and Consumers – We have a varied online panel of consumers with different status, age, ethnicity, education etc. which can help client get a deeper understanding when doing Product Testing or Concept Evaluation Studies.

Our online panel of consumers has audience with their gender, status, age, ethnicity, education etc. which can help client get a deeper understanding while doing Product Testing studies.

How We Recruit Medical Panellist?

Much of our medical panel is built through recruitment of healthcare professional for in-person Qualitative and Quantitative projects that is what gives us a high level of authenticity as our team members have personally interacted with most of our panellist which makes our respondent trusted real people.

We also have a team which constantly works to expand the Panel member by recruiting from specialized medical sites, medical associations and communities.

How we recruit Consumer Panellists?

We use varied resources to build our own extensive Consumer pool worldwide. Our Consumer Panellists are recruited from social media, personal networks, and with the help of referral programs being conducted with the help of already registered panellists.

How we do Quality Check?

  • All the panellist are verified via telephone, email and online as per the information provided by them regarding their qualification before sending them invitation for the surveys.
  • Panellists’ response is evaluated thoroughly for data consistency and answer to the open-ended questions and time taken to complete the survey.
  • Automated and manual checks to ensure no duplicate registrations have been done for a survey.

Join Our Panel. To know more about our panels, please write to