The healthcare sector is continuously evolving with increase in the number of competitors, changing regulations and informed consumers. In the face of these challenges the healthcare industry (the pharmaceutical companies, health technology and insurance companies) need innovative yet practical solutions for deeper understanding to position their brand in a competitive environment.

Dabster research specializes in conducting Focus Groups and in-depth interviews with Physicians, medical staff and patients to gain insights on how to tackle the healthcare challenges and deliver quality results which pharmaceutical industry needs to navigate for better business decisions by deep understanding of changing healthcare structure and their impact on healthcare industry.

Travel & Tourism

Travel & Tourism is one of the largest service industries, but it has been on a rollercoaster ride over the past few years as the needs of today’s traveller and their expectation has continuously evolved at a rapid pace.

There has been a major shift in traveller behaviour due to the pandemic, they are now looking for putting health and safety at the forefront while making travel decisions. We at Dabster help companies understand the changing behaviour of travellers and help them develop strategies to improve customer experience, provide insights by conducting in depth research how to develop their brand value in comparison to its competitors.


Food & Beverage

Food & beverage has been constantly evolving with new trends like demand of organic food is growing rapidly as today’s consumer is more concerned about his health. Online selling of FMCG via ecommerce portal has also been growing rapidly with the increase in the number of working population.

FMCG market research provides insight not only about the consumer eating and shopping habits but also help determine and analyze the market size of a particular product, and the major growth drivers that assist in driving informed decisions especially when a new product has to be launched.


We partner with our clients in telecommunication industry to bring them clarity in trying to understand the strategies of the existing players in the market, in addition to understanding the customers need thereby developing a business model that will offer a unique customer experience


Media & Entertainment

We help the media client to better understand their target audience and their interest and help determine their product positioning in the market in comparison to their competitors. Assist them in creating right advertising messages to grow their subscription and loyalty.

Banking & Insurance

he banking & insurance sector often referred to as the lifeblood of the real economy is constantly evolving with the accelerating pace of technological change, stricter regulation, growing middle class and shifting consumer habits.

The industry is dominated by large multinational brands which use market research as a tool to maintain a competitive edge and reshaping the traditional banking model towards a innovative credit-driven economic growth model.



Education has become highly competitive in last two decades due to an abundance of programs and course that are now more widely available to the students from across the globe. Education market research help clients get an overview of existing and protentional competitors, industry trends and the most effective positioning strategies.